our story

We are Metta Sol.

A plant-based Vietnamese eatery, serving meals inspired by our Vietnamese roots in family and culture. We’re here to share that with you - simply eat good food.

Childhood friends and still the best of friends. We were both born and raised in Adelaide with parents of Vietnamese decent. Experiencing two worlds: traditional Vietnamese upbringings and the exposure to the laid back Aussie life.

Fast forward those years of schooling, university degrees, careers and traveling the world. Our curiosities to understand and experience life and humankind have led us here – a place that our conscious choices have taken us.

Please join us to take initiative in local food, community, mindfulness and sustainability - a wholesome meal at a time.

Cindy and David

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So what does Metta Sol mean?

Metta is a Sanskrit word for Universal Loving Kindness. Sol is a Latin word for Sun (Nature's source of light and warmth on Earth).

To us, Metta Sol symbolises Universal Loving Kindness by Nature. For life is an art that involves the practice of universal loving kindness, and a gift from nature.

So, we dedicate our name Metta Sol to you and your life, an important part of our universe.