Our menu

Our menu is completely plant-based with flavours inspired by our Vietnamese culture.

We make our menu items in our newly installed 100% plant-based kitchen; free from all animal products, nasty chemicals
and MSG. We pride ourselves in transforming whole foods into fun, fresh and flavourful wholesome meals and condiments.

Our menu is housemade from scratch and gluten free with the exception of some custom baked goods, exclusive to Metta Sol.

Our coffee beans are fair trade organic, our teas and lattes are NASAA organic certified and have been exclusively crafted
for Metta Sol with our local community of collaborators. Oh not to forget our local small-batch kombucha too!

Dine-in and enjoy your time or take-away your meal in our compostable packaging to help us lessen our impact on our environment. Better yet, let us fill your re-usable cups/ containers and we’ll take 50c/ $1 off your order to thank you.

Join us to take initiative in local food, community, mindfulness and sustainability - one wholesome meal at a time.





Pho (gf) $16
traditionally spiced, vegetable broth, rice noodles, bean sprouts, basil, onion, spring onion, coriander, lemon, fresh chilli. Choose from:
– Traditional | seared organic tofu, king oyster and enoki mushrooms
– Roast Veggies | roast broccoli, carrot, lotus root
+ add hoisin sauce +2 | chilli paste +2

Metta Roll $12
artisan semi-sourdough, garlic spread, fresh cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon, coriander, fresh chilli. Choose from:
– Pulled Mushrooms | pulled mushrooms sauteed in garlic tamari
– Roast Veggies | roasted broccoli, carrot, lotus root
+ add chilli paste +2 | hoisin sauce +2

Current Features
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Vietnamese Organic Cold Brew Iced Coffee $8
Fairtrade organic cold drip coffee with our coconut condensed milk

Scull Small-batch Kombucha $7
Elderflower, Ginger Turmeric, Seasonal Flavour

NASAA Certified Organic Organic Lattes $5 | $5.5 
Beetroot Chai, Golden Turmeric Sol, Japanese Matcha, Metta Chai, Midnight Cacao, Mixed Shrooms, blended with organic housemade almond, soy or coconut milk

NASAA Certified Organic Loose Leaf Teas $4.5 | $5.5 (pot for 2)
Awake (cf), Calma (cf), Cloudmist Green, Honey Bush (cf), Metta Chai, Vietnam Black